Custom Uniforms For Track & Field and Cross-Country

TF / XC Uniforms Delivered Direct to Athlete

  • 1. Customize

    We partner with coaches and volunteers to create custom uniforms and fan gear from the leading sports apparel brands. Once the designs are approved, we’ll set up an online webstore exclusively for your TF / XC team.

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  • 2. Order

    Once the webstore is active, parents and athletes can log on at their convenience to order whatever they need.

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  • 3. Ship

    We ship each order direct to the athlete within 15 days, alleviating you from distributing and storing uniforms.

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TF / XC Uniform Examples

Why Choose gearUP?

  • You don’t have to worry about gathering sizing info from your athletes.

  • No need to worry about chasing after payments either.

  • You won’t need to spend any time passing out uniforms or deciding what to do with overstock inventory.

  • You’ll have a lot more time to coach and to invest in developing your team.

  • Parents will love how quick and easy it is to get the gear they need.

  • Athletes will love that they look like the Pros

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