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Youth Sports Uniforms With a Custom Look

We partner with sportswear brands like Nike and Founder Sport Group to provide custom uniforms built to last. Each customer gets access to a personalized webstore where they can quickly order uniforms and fan gear. Best of all, gearUP makes getting your custom youth sports uniforms for a one-of-a-kind look as simple as 1,2,3:

  • 1. Customize

    We customize your youth sports uniforms and fan gear from industry-leading brands with team colors, logos, and player numbers. Working with our Account Representatives, we help you create a look as unique and extraordinary as your young athletes.

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  • 2. Order

    When your customized uniforms are created, we activate your team webstore where parents, coaches, and athletes can log on and order what they need. From replacement jerseys to training gear, your webstore makes purchasing customized team gear fast and easy.

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  • 3. Ship

    We make shipping customized youth uniforms easier than ever. Orders are shipped direct to athlete within 2 weeks, so your team is geared up, on time for game time!

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Why Choose Customized Youth Sports Uniforms From gearUP?

  • We’re committed to quality

    Don’t settle for low-quality uniforms that won’t last the season. We partner with industry-leading sports brands, so our custom youth sports uniforms look newer longer, play after play.

  • We love helping young athletes grow through sports.

    Youth team sports are an excellent way to learn vital skills that will help athletes throughout their life. If we have a role to play in helping young athletes, no matter how small, we feel we have made a difference. When your team looks like winners, they will feel like winners on and off the field.

  • We understand how time consuming the uniforming process can be.

    We’ve been there. You have a million things to get done for your team or league and not enough time for it all. Traditionally, the uniforming process can be a hassle. With our youth sports uniform model, we will give you back your time and freedom so you can get back to enjoying the game!

  • We specialize in speed and convenience.

    Parents can easily order what they want when they want it with easy one-stop-shopping. In addition, we offer sizing insurance and product samples, so you and your team’s parents know you are getting exactly what your athletes need.

Youth Sports Uniforms Near You

When parents and coaches choose gearUP, they no longer need to deal with local off-the-shelf sports stores. Instead, customized uniforms are shipped direct to athlete all over the country with the help of a personalized gearUP webstore. We set up your team’s custom design, so you can order and receive new items anytime.

Meeting Jersey Rules & Regulations

At gearUP, our staff is made up of sports specialists who are just as passionate about youth sports as you are. We are former athletes, coaches, and even current team parents with years of experience preparing custom uniforms for the season.

One challenge teams face is ensuring their uniform is legal for competition. Our representatives will walk you through the rules enacted by your league or club, eliminating any disqualification risk. Visit our individual sports pages to see current uniform requirements for your youth sports.

Youth Sports Uniform Cleaning and Care

Nike and other youth sports uniform brands at gearUP ensure your athlete can rely on performance and durability. They also ensure parents can easily keep those uniforms clean and game-ready. For ways to simplify uniform cleaning, check the garment label and use these pro tips for washing uniforms.

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Ready to find out more?

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