Custom Youth Sports Uniforms

Youth sports uniforms delivered on time for game time!

  • 1. Customize

    We partner with you to customize your youth sports uniforms and fan gear from industry-leading brands. Once you approve the look, we create an online webstore exclusive for your team or league.

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  • 2. Order

    Parents and athletes can log on and order their uniforms and fan gear, anytime, anywhere!

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  • 3. Ship

    Orders are shipped direct to athlete within 15 days!

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Ready to find out more?

Contact us today and learn how we can gearUP your team or league!

Ready to find out more?

Youth Sports Jersey & Fan Gear Examples

Why Choose gearUP for your Youth Sports Uniforms?

  • We’re committed to quality.

    Don’t settle for low quality uniforms that won’t last the season. We partner with industry leading brands, and our custom youth sports uniforms are built to last!

  • We love helping young athletes grow through sports.

    We believe that sports is an excellent way to learn vital skills that will help them throughout their life. If we have a role to play in that, no matter how small, we feel we have made a difference.

  • We understand how time consuming the uniforming process can be.

    We’ve been there. You have a million things you need to get done for your team or league and not enough time for it all. Traditionally, the uniforming process can be very time consuming. With our model, we will give you back your time and freedom so you can get back to enjoying youth sports!

  • We specialize in speed and convenience.

    We enable parents to order what they want with easy one-stop-shopping and lightning fast deliveries. In addition, we offer sizing insurance and product samples, so parents know they are getting exactly what their athlete needs.

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We love youth sports! Let us free up your time and energy by taking the uniforming process out of your hands. Fill out the contact form and take the first step toward setting up a league or team store today!