Custom Uniforms For Youth Basketball

Basketball Uniform Packages for Your Superstars!

  • 1. Customize

    We’ll partner with you to create custom basketball uniforms and fan gear from premier brands. Once approved, we’ll build an online webstore exclusively for your basketball team or league.

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  • 2. Order

    Once your webstore is active, parents and athletes can log on to order their custom basketball gear, anytime, anywhere!

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  • 3. Ship

    We ship direct to athlete within 15 days!

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Basketball Jersey Examples

The Benefits of Choosing gearUP for Youth Basketball Uniforms

  • Coaches, Directors & Volunteers

    • You don’t have to worry about collecting sizing information from your athletes.
    • No payment collection either.
    • You won’t need to spend any time passing out uniforms or figuring out what to do with excess items.
    • You’ll have more time to invest in developing young athletes and just enjoying basketball!

  • Athletes & Families

    • We ship direct to athlete, making it easy for each team member or fan to get the gear they need, when they need it.
    • If an athlete goes through a growth spurt or loses their uniform, simply order a replacement and we’ll have it sent with rapid speed.
    • Parents can rest easy knowing their purchase is protected by sizing insurance, should they order the wrong size. We also offer samples too!

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Let’s gearUP your Youth Basketball Team or League Today!

If you’re ready to have more time coaching, directing, volunteering, or just want more time to sit back and enjoy basketball, contact us today! We’ll help your team or league gearUP, on time for game time!