Who We Gear Up

Coach showing off in Gear Up Sports baseball uniforms


Gear Up to Lead

Coaches are leaders, they are teachers and they inspire their teams to perform. We gear up coaches with official Nike Team Apparel that represents their team. It’s all about high quality, performance and comfort.

Gear Up Sports, Inc. - More Time to Play!


Gear Up to Perform

Every athlete has a role to play. We gear up each athlete with high performance Nike Team Apparel that’s comfortable and fits right. Win or lose – your team will look great!

Gear Up Sports, Inc. - More Time to Play!


Gear Up to Support

Behind every team there are volunteers that help to unite and support them. Volunteers play an integral role in the youth sports experience. We ensure that they represent their team/player with official Nike Team Apparel.

Celebrate Teams and Their Volunteers with Gear Up Sports


Gear Up to Cheer

Everyone is a fan. Fans love their teams and will always cheer them on – win or lose. We gear up fans so they can cheer on their teams with official Nike Team Apparel.