Why Does gearUP Value Volleyball Uniform Guidelines?

We take pride in making sure teams are always geared up properly for gametime. This goes beyond providing the best custom volleyball uniforms and apparel for your athletes – we make sure your uniforms are legal for competition, so you never have to worry about potential disqualification. 

Volleyball has strict rules regarding the design and layout of uniforms, which we closely follow whenever working with teams, clubs, or leagues. Other companies might not realize just how important number size and placement are, the significance of apparel color consistency, and/or the value that a properly positioned logo has on the outcome of a team’s performance. 

Here we elaborate further on the importance of following volleyball jersey rules and regulations, describe what a volleyball jersey entails, and share with you the official 2022-2023 guidelines for volleyball jerseys provided by the National Federation of State High School Associations. 

What Are the Penalties for Having an Illegal Custom Volleyball Uniform?

Never doubt that a referee will have a tape measure on hand ready to make sure numbers are properly sized and placed, or that the manufacturer’s logo is exactly 2 ¼ inches square. These rules and regulations are heavily enforced, and the consequences for having an illegal uniform can be steep. 

At minimum, the team who has a player on the court in an illegal uniform will delay play and receive a yellow card for the interruption. Any additional uniform violation from there will lead to a red card being shown, causing the team to either forfeit a point, lose service of the ball, or potentially be disqualified from competition. 

The best-case scenario is that, in the event a player has entered the court wearing an illegal uniform, the team will simply receive a warning and the player will be forced to change into something allowed for play. This can be challenging though, since more often than not all player’s uniforms and back-up jerseys are identical, meaning no reasonable alternative may be available. 

Don’t run the risk of having your team expelled from competition for something as simple as having the wrong size number. Trust that gearUP has you covered. 

What Makes a Custom Volleyball Uniform Legal for Competition?

A custom volleyball uniform consists of two main pieces: 

  1. A custom volleyball jersey (either short sleeve or long sleeve)
  2. Volleyball shorts

A relatively simple set-up, but one that is highly regulated by the sport’s governing bodies. When customizing volleyball jerseys for the season, every detail must be well thought out and no feature can be overlooked. Everything from number and logo size and placement to uniform colors (i.e., clearly contrasting colors between regular player’s and libero jersey’s) must be exact. Even improper number layout (example: 0-99 vs. 00-99) can lead to disqualification. 

5 Volleyball Uniform Rule Highlights 

Here are a few key volleyball uniform rules that every coach or team parent should be aware of: 

  1. All team uniform tops should be identical in design and color. The exception is the Libero jersey, which must be distinct and clearly contrasting in color to the other uniform tops. 
  2. Manufacturer logo on any garment worn by players must not be any larger than 2 ¼ inches in dimensions.
  3. Multiple styles of uniform bottom may be worn by players, so long as they are like in color and branding. This includes spandex, shorts, leggings, skirts, etc. 
  4. Jersey numbers must be at least 4 inches on the front of the top, and at least 6 inches on the back of the top
  5. Any garment worn underneath the uniform must be solid in color, and must pertain to either the color of the uniform top (if the undergarment is worn as a top) or the color of the uniform bottom (if the undergarment is worn as a bottom). 

Where to Learn More About Official Custom Volleyball Uniform Rules?

If you’d like to learn more, please click here to view the most recent uniform requirements and reminders provided by the National Federation of State High School Associations. We make sure to always update our resources as new guidelines are published. Rest assured that gearUP values this knowledge above all else, so we can guarantee your team’s custom volleyball uniform is ready for game time!

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