The smell of spring is in the air, a blissful reminder that the most wonderful time of the year is soon upon us: opening day of baseball.

Accompanying this annual joyous occasion though is the inevitable search for new team uniforms. It’s important that you and your team emerge from the deep winter thaw not only well trained, but also dressed for success.

As you explore different options for team uniforms, you may come across the phrase “sublimated baseball jerseys”. Perplexed, you may wonder “What exactly does ‘sublimation‘ mean?” or “would there any advantages to buying sublimated baseball jerseys for your team this year?”.

Allow us to elaborate.

Sublimation Explained

The term “sublimation” refers to a manufacturing process in which the entire design of the uniform (i.e. team logos, player number, additional detailing, etc.) is directly infused into the fabric.

This process begins with a basic digital design, typically created on a graphic design app. The design is then printed on paper, in life size, using large-scale printers. From there, the printed design is impressed on the fabric at a very high temperature. The combination of heat and applied pressure turns that printed design into a gas.

This gas then bonds with the molecules of the fabric itself; infusing the design into the material. From there, all that’s left to do is stitch together different fabric panels to create a finished baseball jersey.

What are the Benefits of Sublimated Baseball Jerseys?

There are some distinct advantages to choosing sublimated baseball jerseys for your team, particularly in comparison to alternative design processes such as screen printing and embroidery; the main benefit being quality.

With sublimated baseball jerseys, your logo, number, stripes, and player names are not going to crack, fade, or become worn out. By contrast, other types of uniforms have the design resting on top of the fabric. After some wear and tear, these designs run the small risk of starting to peel or crack.

The bottom line: Sublimated baseball jerseys offer greater durability, and thus greater value and convenience for parents, coaches, and players.

There are also benefits that pertain to feel and performance. When you have sublimated baseball jerseys, all the design elements are part of the fabric itself, which means they are more comfortable to play in and offer greater mobility. Having designs that are on top of the fabric can actually impede motion or simply cause the jersey to be less comfortable.

Questions About Sublimated Baseball Uniforms?

These are just a few of the reasons why many teams prefer sublimated baseball jerseys to any of the alternatives… and why we’re happy to provide this manufacturing process here at gearUP. With any questions about different types of youth baseball uniforms, don’t hesitate to contact our team directly.

gearUP is a leading provider of custom baseball uniforms and are pleased to work with youth baseball leagues from across the country to provide premier uniforms delivered on-time for game time.

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