The spring 2023 baseball and softball season’s are off and running! Athletes are back out on the diamond, parents are in the stands, and gametime is upon us once again. This is what coaches and young players look forward to all winter long, and rightfully so.

What’s more, we hope gearing up this season was easier than ever, thanks to your custom team webstore! Your athletes must love their new custom uniforms and training gear, and we are sure parents apprecited the easy ordering and direct-to-athlete shipping. Most importantly though, our hope is that we have saved you and your coaching staff dozens of hours by avoiding the traditional uniform process.

Remember distributing and collecting order sheets, bulk ordering uniforms, putting your faith in unreliable printing services, and handing out gear yourself (if it was delivered on time)? Yeah, we are glad those days are over too.

However, even though your spring teams are properly geared up for gametime, we do not recommend resting on your laurels just yet. Now is the perfect time to start planning ahead for the upcoming All-Stars and Fall Ball seasons, and making sure everything is set in place and ready to go.

gearUP for All-Stars and Fall Ball Quickly and Easily

Luckily for you and your team, since your webstore is already up and running, adding in additional gear will be a cinch! Rather than starting from scratch, your gearUP Representative will help you reorganize your current site to house the new uniforms and fan gear for the upcoming seasons. And that does not mean deleting current offerings from your site!

Our webstores are capable of holding multiple seasons worth of gear, so regardless of the time of year, parents will use the same link to order new uniforms for their athletes. This keeps things simple, makes the ordering process easy for your team, and allows for a greater peace of mind when designing new uniforms and fan gear for the coming All-Stars and Fall Ball seasons!

Get Started Today!

Imagine how good it will feel knowing your All-Star uniforms and fan gear are ready to order come June 1st, once your team’s roster is announced. Imagine how much stress will be removed from your plate knowing your fall ball gear is prepared for gametime months in advanced.

Simply contact your gearUP Representative today, and they will work with you to design and organize new uniforms, training gear and fan gear for your baseball and softball teams. From there, work together to best organize your current webstore so parents can easily log on and order the gear their athletes need.

Is Your Team New to gearUP?

Is your team looking to build their own custom team webstore? Now is the perfect time to contact gearUP and organize your own custom uniforms and team apparel. Our gearUP representatives are ready to discuss custom uniform, training, and fan gear options, and are excited to help make the uniform process easier than ever for you and your athletes.

To learn more about custom uniforms, training gear, and fan gear, contact gearUP today!

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