At gearUP, there are a few values that we hold dear. We believe that youth sports are an important way to teach kids critical lifelong values. And we believe that the uniforming process is an essential part of that. Providing youth athletes with high-quality uniforms from top brands helps them feel like champions. It’s a jolt to their self-esteem. And it’s a reminder that they are, in fact, a team, working together toward the same goals.

These values are our guiding lights as we explore opportunities to partner with youth sports programs across the country. A case in point: The Elephant Soccer Club of Harlem. We recently donated some kits to this first-rate organization and couldn’t be more thrilled about the results. This partnership has been a shining example of why we got into this business in the first place, and of why uniforms are such an integral part of the youth sports experience.

About the Elephant Soccer Club of Harlem

Here’s a little bit of background. The Club was launched with a simple conviction: A belief that all children who love soccer deserve the opportunity not just to play, but to reach their full potential. Since 2005, the club has provided competitive spots to kids and adolescents throughout the Harlem area, focusing on those who live in lower-income communities and have fewer opportunities for scholastic or recreational play.

The Elephant Soccer Club of Harlem enrolls approximately 60 to 80 kids each year, providing them with practices and games each week. Active year-round, the Club provides both indoor and outdoor play opportunities, depending on the season.

The Club also boasts a unique model that pushes athletes to play challenging opponents from a number of local leagues, honing their skills and their personal values. The approach has proven highly successful: Last season, the Elephant Soccer Club of Harlem concluded with a 21-2 record. Some of their players have been recruited by illustrious high schools, boasting some of the most prestigious soccer programs in the nation.

With all of that said, the Club has experienced some limitations. Specifically, it provides kits to its players, and historically has only been able to afford low-quality uniforms from bargain-bin brands. These uniforms have proven functional, but they have hardly helped players feel like superstars.

Enter gearUP

When we first connected with this program, we were thrilled by their vision and their values. It was an honor for us to donate 50 high-quality Nike uniforms, ensuring that all Elephant Soccer Club of Harlem athletes have a first-rate kit to wear during practice and game times.

We’re proud to say that these uniforms provided a major morale boost for the Club’s young players. “When our athletes saw these Nike uniforms, their faces lit up as if it was Christmas morning,” says Jay Block, a member of the Club’s executive leadership team. “It was as if they had just been given a pair of Nike Air Force Ones. In a word, these uniforms made them feel like champions.”

We believe that all youth athletes deserve a chance to feel like all-stars; and we believe that cohesive teams should have a chance to look the part. That’s a big part of what gearUP stands for, and we’re delighted to know that our custom Nike uniforms made an impact with these kids in Harlem.

gearUP is a leading provider of custom youth sports uniforms, including soccer uniforms. We are pleased to work with youth soccer clubs from across the country, providing high-quality uniforms delivered on-time for game time.

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