We want to thank the hosts of this year’s WSTFCA Convention, for, as always, putting on such a fantastic event. We look forward to attending every year, and can say with confidence this year’s meeting did not disappoint.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth to learn more about what gearUP has to offer. Also, we would like to thank our hosts for making our time in Tacoma more than accommodating. The event was so well organized and staffed with such friendly people, it made our time at the convention stress-free and thoroughly enjoyable.

Our roots run deep within the sport of track & field, especially in the Northwest. We have had the pleasure of outfitting some of the best youth and high school teams in the nation, and will continue to provide the best custom uniforms so athletes from all over can perform at their best.

For anyone unable to attend this year’s WSTFCA convention who are interested in learning more about the event, perhaps to plan for next year, we encourage you to click here and learn more!

Contact gearUP Today!

For everyone we met at this year’s WSTFCA convention, especially those who stopped by our booth to learn more about gearUP, we sincerely thank you. Anyone looking for more information, or are interested in gearing up their team with custom uniforms and fan apparel, please click here to contact us today! We are excited to get started!

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