What to Consider When Designing Custom Little League Uniforms

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As a coach, choosing and designing your team’s custom little league uniform can be one of the biggest decisions of the season. You want your athletes to perform at their best, as well as remember the days of playing baseball fondly, so making sure their custom uniforms are comfortable and stylish can go a long way.

Through our own experiences as coaches and team parents, and after helping Little Leagues all over the nation gearUP for game time, we are confident in helping you find the right uniform for your team. Below, we have listed some key points that should be considered, as well as some dos and don’ts when it comes to customizing your little league uniforms. Contact gearUP today for more information.

How Will My Little League Uniforms be Printed?

When you work with gearUP to create your team’s custom little league uniforms, you will have access to multiple print and design options. Below we share information on a few different styles that are currently available, so you can learn more and make the best decision for your team. Work with your team’s Account Representative to find the right printing method to use for your athlete’s uniforms, and feel free to ask questions about what we have to offer.

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Now is the perfect time to gearUP your team in custom uniforms and apparel! Our Representatives are ready to discuss custom uniform, training, and fan gear options, and are excited to help make the uniform process easier than ever for you and your team.