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We make it easy for athletic directors and coaches to create excitement around their program. Get game-changing service and customized apparel from the best brands, including NIKE Team, Under Armour, and more.

You want athletes and fans to feel pride in your program. But you’re getting sidelined by the aggravation and expense of high school sports apparel.

You’re wasting valuable time on apparel

Trying to balance value, selection, and price for your uniforms, player packs, and spirit wear. Waiting for your current dealer to call you back. And hoping your custom school apparel arrives before the season opens.

You can’t find high-quality, name-brand gear

When athletes get their uniforms or when fans come out to support them, you want them wearing the type of apparel next-level programs offer. It’s hard to get excited for game day with no-name brands.

You can’t get a handle on the budget

You’ve got a storage room stuffed with uniforms and spirit wear. That’s money you’d rather invest in your program and facility.
“The website is very user friendly and gearUP has been awesome to work with. The quality of the apparel has been awesome as well. Exactly what we were looking for. I think the customization differentiated gearUP which my players and coaches have really enjoyed.”
Thomas Derry
Taft High School
“After trying various providers, I can confidently say that gearUP stands out as the perfect solution for all our needs. What sets gearUP apart is their unparalleled commitment to quality, customization options, and exceptional customer service. It has not only simplified our procurement process but has also elevated the overall experience for our teams.”
Bruce Fuller

Madison Highland Prep Heat


Instead of building your program and supporting your athletes, you’re trying to figure out:

“Is the vendor going to make good on its commitments?”

“How do I get budget approval for uniforms my athletes actually want to wear?”

“Are these orders going to arrive when we need them?

“When am I supposed to find time to get this done?”

Let’s make this easy.

We eliminate the time-wasting, frustration-inducing, budget-draining challenges to outfitting your athletes and fans in the best uniforms and apparel.

Premium Brands. Designed for You. Delivered on Time for Game Time

Plan your order
We help you create your high school sports uniforms, player packs, and spirit wear. Your dedicated account representative advises you on products, finds the right pricing, and supports you at every step.
Design your apparel
We offer traditional embellishment options as well as high-quality sublimation. Our designers produce options that follow each sport’s regulations and send them to you for approval.
Choose your setup

Bulk Order – Many programs purchase high school sports apparel in bulk, particularly team uniforms. We ship the order to you to store and distribute as needed. Combine bulk ordering uniforms with a team shop for spirit wear to give your athletes and fans the best experience.

Team Shop – We build a custom team shop that’s open all year long. Athletes and fans use it to choose products, select sizes, and make payments. Items ship within two weeks. You don’t have to manage the money, buy extras, or store inventory.

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Shop custom high school sports apparel from the best brands

We are one of the only Authorized NIKE Team dealers for uniforms in the nation. In addition, we carry Under Armour, Momentec Brands, and more.

Experience game-changing customer service

Schools switch to gearUP so they can have a responsive and proactive provider. Partner with us, and you’ll get a dedicated account representative who can answer questions and provide solutions to meet your budget.

Receive orders for when you need them

We are one of the fastest producers of high school team apparel in the industry. We’ll work with you to meet your deadlines and carefully coordinate orders so that your teams have them on time for game time.

Focus on what matters most

We eliminate the most time-consuming aspects of uniform coordination, from product and design decisions to shipping and fulfillment. That way, you can spend your time on the priorities: your athletes, your program, and your fans.

Outfit Your Teams. Raise Your Game.

Explore custom high school sports apparel from gearUP.