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Outfit your front office, salespeople, field teams, and prospective customers with apparel from Carhartt Company Gear and NIKE. Employees order directly from gearUP, so there’s no inventory to store, no sizing issues, and no hassles.

The Easy Way to Create Pride in Your Business and Drive Interest in Your Company

You need custom corporate apparel that’s comfortable, durable, and professional. With standout designs and brands that prospective customers will notice. And a procurement process that saves you time, money, and stress. What you don’t want: Awkward conversations with employees about sizing and clothing styles. A supply closet full of unclaimed apparel. A two-month wait to get your new hires outfitted.
That’s why you gearUP.

The Old Way

1. Review your current inventory of apparel.
2. Predict future staffing requirements.
3. Source vendors and negotiate pricing and quantities.
4. Collect sizing information from your employees.
5. Order apparel in bulk based on your estimates.
6. Warehouse all of the items until you need them.
7. Contact each employee to distribute their apparel.
8. Reorder only when you can hit the minimum quantity.

The gearUP Way

1. You or your employees orders items through your company webstore.
2. Your custom corporate apparel ships directly to your office or to their home in two weeks or less.

Carhartt Company Gear



Industries We Serve

Renewable energy
From installing solar panels to servicing wind turbines, your company needs gear that’s going to keep workers comfortable all day and protected from the elements. gearUP offers apparel that’s designed tough and backed by years of testing in the field.
Rain or shine, all year-round, agricultural workers have to wear outfits as reliable as they are. Let us gearUP your team with apparel that’s built for challenging conditions, whether it’s caring for livestock, working in the fields, or maintaining equipment.
Rugged. Flexible. Comfortable. gearUP carries durable and high-visibility outfits to keep construction workers safe on the job. Explore our custom corporate apparel, including long- and short-sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, and jackets.
Home Services
Customers prefer to trust their homes to professionals. Make sure your crew looks the part with custom corporate apparel. gearUP’s product line of high-quality outfits includes embroidered business hats, company shirts, and outerwear.
Electric Utilities
gearUP provides customized uniforms for utility and electrical workers. Improve safety for your team with flame- and weather-resistant workwear. Products meet NFPA 70E and NFPA 2112 standards, along with providing flexibility and comfort on the job.
Transportation businesses choose gearUP for its high-quality, heavy-duty apparel. We can customize your team’s outfits in a variety of ways, including embroidered designs, heat-pressed logos, and company colors. You’ll also get game-changing customer support to make the whole process easy.
Oil & Gas
You need to keep your workers safe, productive, and focused. gearUP helps you accomplish all of these goals. Check out our line of durable, flame-resistant shirts, pants, and outerwear. The products we carry are designed not just with protection in mind, but also comfort and flexibility.
“Fabulous experience with gearUP. We needed company logo apparel, hats, masks and such. They set up a unique web store with our company-branded merchandise. Quality has been fantastic and fast delivery. What’s really nice is the ability to purchase web store credit up front and have our employees based all over the USA be able to select what they want and ship to their home address.”
Dave Farrell
“gearUP has been great and allowed us to have access to NIKE brand product on a store exclusive to our company all year long. They have been very responsive and are able to get our orders out and ship anywhere in the country with arrival in less than 2 weeks!”

Jeremy Appledorf
EMG Sports

Get help planning your order
Your dedicated account representative advises you on apparel, finds you the right pricing, and supports you throughout the process.
gearUP creates the designs
Select options for custom corporate apparel from our extensive catalog. We’ll produce the designs and send them for your approval.
Choose your setup

Bulk Order – Your company purchases in bulk the products and sizes it wants. gearUP ships the entire order to your office. Whenever you need items, your company can distribute them to employees, to event attendees, and to customers.

Webstore – We build you a custom webstore where employees choose products and sizes. They can use coupons to order, and your company only pays for purchased items. gearUP ships to your office or direct-to-employee within two weeks.

Establish a Clear Identity and a Winning Culture with Custom Corporate Apparel

Choose the easy way to outfit your team and to promote your business.