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Custom Work Uniforms That Inspire Your Team

We provide custom work uniforms for companies both big and small, offering numerous apparel styles to fit the needs of those in almost every industry. No matter the focus of your business, we can help promote your brand and instill customer trust with custom workwear that looks and feels great. In addition, we make the process of ordering gear as easy as possible; whether we build you custom company webstore, or help facilitate a bulk order to outfit an entire department, trust that gearUP is here to help.


Custom Workwear Examples

Your Company Specific Webstore

Create your own company specific webstore and allow employees to log on 24/7, 365 and order the work uniforms they need, whenever they need them. Orders are then shipped directly to employees’ homes in 2 weeks or less, making the process of outfitting your team as streamlined as possible.

When building your team webstore, you’ll be working side-by-side with one of our gearUP Representatives, ensuring your vision is properly captured. They will go over design options, apparel choices, and will deliver a webstore your team will be proud to have.

Take advantage of the unmatched convenience that a gearUP webstore offers your business, and ensure your team is outfitted quickly and efficiently so they can get the job done right.

Bulk Order Company Gear

For those that prefer to place orders in bulk, our gearUP representatives are eager and ready to help. They will walk you through our catalog of apparel options, design offerings, and will help simplify the ordering process for your team.

Often, companies that are looking to place orders in bulk are left doing all the work themselves: sourcing apparel, finding a reliable printing service, collecting sizes and payments, etc. Obtaining custom workwear through such means can waste hours of time, taking you and your team away from doing the work that matters. Our representatives are here to streamline the process, so you can receive the custom work uniforms you want quickly and easily, and so your team can get back to doing what they do best.

Many companies have their own dedicated webstore and occasionally place orders in bulk whenever necessary – feel free to speak with a gearUP representative to determine which strategy best fits the needs of your business.

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Ready to find out more?

Benefits of Outfitting Your Team with Custom Work Uniforms

  • Boost Team Morale

    Customized uniforms can be a fantastic way of building a healthy team culture! Employees wearing professional uniforms tend to be more engaged and more committed to teamwork and collaboration.

  • Improve Performance

    Custom workwear improves employee performance. How we present ourselves matters, and team members who look professional are more inclined to act accordingly.

  • Easily Market Your Company

    When employees are wearing custom work uniforms, they can serve as brand ambassadors for your company wherever they go. Raising awareness comes naturally when your employees proudly wear your company’s logo.

  • Establish Trust With Your Customers

    Custom work uniforms ensure a reliable and comfortable experience for your customer. Whether a service technician is showing up at a customer’s home, or a client visits your office, they will see clear and consistent branding that instills confidence in their choice to work with you.

  • Outfit Your Entire Company

    Outfit each department with their own apparel style. Give your corporate team access to professional office-attire, while providing your workers in the field dependable, durable, and comfortable work wear, so they can get the job done right.

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