With the winter holidays over and spring sports on the horizon, now is the time for athletes to hunker down and get serious about their training.

However, depending on the location, conditions outside might not be favorable for athletic endeavors. Bitterly cold temperatures or inclement weather may leave athletes, who need to train outside, uncomfortable and miserable without the right gear. In addition, any team apparel that is readily available from last season might be outdated or outgrown, leaving athletes with nothing to wear for training.

Now is the time to outfit your athletes with brand new team gear, perfect for facing the elements and allowing them to prepare for the spring season ahead.

Below we have listed 7 custom team gear essentials that athletes everywhere will be thankful to have. In this list are items for both indoor and outdoor workouts, as well as a necessary accessory every athlete should have to complete their wardrobe. No matter the circumstances, everyone can find exactly what they need to get after training this winter.

Custom Training Gear for Cold Weather Training

Nike Repel Miler Jacket & Pants: Made from 100% Dri-Fit polyester, this water-repellent jacket and pant combo will help your athletes to stay dry and continue training when the weather has other ideas.

Nike Therma Pullover Hoodie: Manage your body’s natural body heat with the Nike Therma Hoodie. Featuring soft, thermal fabric and Dri-Fit polyester, keep your athlete’s performances high when the temperatures begin to drop.

Nike Pre-Game Long-Sleeve Crew Top: This Nike long-sleeve top helps athletes stay warm and dry, and is a great option for layering. What’s more, this crew features removable sleeves so, once the weather begins to warm back up, you have the option of turning this piece into a short-sleeve top.

Custom Training Gear for Indoor Training

Nike Dry Miler Singlet / Nike Dri-Fit Legend T-Shirt: When the heat is on, your athletes will want a training top that is both lightweight and breathable. With both items featuring Nike’s Dri-Fit polyester, your athletes will have the maneuverability necessary to play at their best.

Nike DF Flex Woven Short / Nike Women’s Dry Tempo Shorts: These shorts are perfect for long workouts, time spent in the weight room, or even to be worn casually. Lightweight, comfortable, and supportive, these shorts give your players great options for practice.

Nike Dry Element Half-Zip Top: Perfect for layering, the Nike Dry Element Half-Zip gives your athletes options for how they would like to dress for training. Easy to throw on or remove when necessary, while retaining the lightweight moisture-wicking capabilities of Nike Dri-Fit polyester, trust that your athletes will love this piece for both indoor and outdoor training this winter.

Custom Team Backpacks

Nike Team Academy Backpack / Nike Elite Pro Backpack: Winter weather and cold conditions means athletes need to carry more gear with them to school and/or practice. Help them keep everything close by with a custom Nike Backpack, embellished just for your team.

Does Your Team Need Custom Training Gear and Uniforms for the Season?

Don’t be the only team that is left out in the cold. Now is the perfect time to gearUP your team in custom uniforms and apparel, just in time for spring. Our representatives are ready to discuss custom uniform, training, and fan gear options, and are excited to help make the uniform process easier than ever for you and your team.

To learn more about custom uniforms, training gear, and fan gear, contact gearUP today!

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