Stand Out This Season With a Nike Custom Jersey!

The time has come for you to create your own Nike Custom Jerseys! We love when teams get excited about the creative process, and seeing the design your program ultimately comes up with!

Making a Nike Custom Jersey of your own can be quite an exciting undertaking! However, for some it could also be a little intimidating. Though the process is straightforward and easy to learn, with so many options to choose from, one could easily experience “information overload”.

To help, we have provided a clear guide to help you to get started. From there, we also included an easy way for you to share your creation with us, so we can get to work making your dream a reality.

1. Welcome to Nike Team

We have provided here the link to the Nike Team site.

2. Become a Nike Team Member

If you are not already a Nike Member, we highly recommend you become one!

Not only will you be able to share and save Nike Custom Jersey designs in your “Locker”, but you will also gain access to the Nike Community with exclusive products, promotions, and information!

3. Get Started!

Click “Customize” at the top of the screen to get started!

4. Filter Jersey Options

Start by selecting the filters that best align with your program and your sport. Here you can make selections such as:

  1. Sport
  2. Youth or Adult
  3. Style of Customization
  4. Color of Base Garment

This will help narrow things down, so you’re not overwhelmed with choices and options.

Pro Tip: Select “Custom” or “Digital” to see all Nike Jersey options for your given sport. What is the difference between “Custom” and “Digital”? “Digital” options give you access to Nikes sublimated jersey collection and extra customization options.

5. Select Product Categories

This is where you will be able to filter down to the exact product your team is searching for.

6. Select Your Jersey Style

Once you have finally found the piece your team wants, go ahead and select it so the real fun can begin!

7. Design Your Nike Custom Jersey

Now it’s time to make this custom jersey your own!

The design options offered by Nike are nearly endless! Change something as major as the color of your Nike Custom Jersey, or something as miniscule as the color and style of the Swoosh on the chest!

Take some time to enjoy the almost countless options and choices! If help is needed, please reach out so one of our experienced representatives can help guide the process.

8. Save Your Nike Custom Jersey Design

Ensure that your design is saved and easily accessible later. As a Nike member, you will have the ability to save and revisit designs later, and/or share designs with us or other members of your program.

9. Contact gearUP!

We are excited to see what you came up with! Thankfully, there are a few ways to share your design with us and with others in your program:

  • Click “share” and email your Uniform Design Number to (
  • Click “share”, copy the direct link, and then share it with us on our Contact Us Page.
  • Call and speak with us directly: (503) 747-5032

We are proud to be an Official Nike Team Partner, allowing us to play a role in the creation of your very own Nike Custom Jerseys. As always, we are excited to help in any way we can, and eager to make the uniform ordering process as easy as possible for you and your team.

Don’t Forget About Fan Gear!

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