Carhartt Company Gear™

Carhartt Company Gear™
It’s More Than A Uniform. It’s A Carhartt.

Carhartt’s mission expands beyond making uniforms to face the toughest work out there. They offer more than a durable work shirt that can hold up as long as you can, or a jacket designed to withstand the harshest environments. Their premium workwear helps your crew handle the most challenging of jobs in the roughest conditions, acting as a symbol of pride for their job well done.

For over 130 years, Carhartt has been protecting America’s workforce, making the world’s toughest jobs manageable for those brave enough to face them. They expand beyond providing premium workwear by providing understanding and trust to those out in the field. They deliver uniforms that elicit pride in one’s work, and the means to tackle each day head-on. It’s more than a uniform. It’s a Carhartt.

What Industries Do gearUP & Carhartt Company Gear™ Serve?

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Renewable Energy

No one said saving the planet would be easy. Installing solar panels and maintaining wind turbines is difficult work, requiring the best gear and equipment available to get the job done right. Trust that Carhartt Company Gear™ has you covered; offering durable and comfortable apparel designed for those who do the toughest jobs each and every day.



Not many occupations require workers to wake up before the crack of dawn and finish well after the sun has set for the day, rain or shine, all year-round. However, not many occupations have workers as tough as farm hands. Jobs like these demand only the strongest and most dependable workwear available, and that’s exactly what Carhartt Company Gear™ delivers. Whether managing livestock, maintaining the fields, or keeping the equipment up and running, trust that Carhartt has you covered for whatever task and whatever conditions you might face.

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Construction crews depend on workwear that’s rugged, flexible, and comfortable. Carhartt Company Gear™ uniforms offer quality and durable t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, and high-visibility gear your workers want to wear.

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Home Services

When you operate a home services company, your crew must look the part. Carhartt Company Gear™ offers quality and professional workwear, from embroidered business hats to company shirts and jackets.

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Electric Utility

Looking for custom uniforms for utility and electrical workers? Carhartt Company Gear™ offers quality, FR and weather-resistant workwear, protecting linemen against on-the-job hazards by meeting NFPA 70E and NFPA 2112 standards.

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Transportation workers rely on Carhartt Company Gear™ for quality, heavy-duty workwear and uniforms. Whether it’s embroidered shirts and jackets or durable pants, outfit your crew in the most reliable uniforms for maximum on-the-job performance.


Oil & Gas

Oil and gas workers do some of the toughest jobs on the planet. Carhartt Company Gear™ outfits your workers with rugged, flame-resistant shirts, pants, and outerwear designed to last and help keep your crew protected. The purpose-built gear is made comfortable as well as durable. It projects a professional look while helping keep them safe on the job.

Carhartt Company Gear™ Office Apparel

Outfit your team in the office with the same dependable gear worn by those in the field, providing them with the same confidence that can only come from wearing Carhartt Company Gear™. Each piece of Carhartt corporate apparel can be fully customized to match your company’s look, which is a proven way to establish a professional image and instill trust in your customers. Whether offering custom company polos and t-shirts, jackets, hoodies, or vests, cement your team cohesion and collective pride for the work that you do by equipping your entire workforce with Carhartt Company Gear™.

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Ready to outfit your crew in comfortable uniforms made to last? With over 130 years of workwear experience, Carhartt has purpose-designed uniforms with specific industries and work conditions in mind. It’s the gear your employees will wear every day with pride. Together, gearUP and Carhartt make one hard-working team, ready to serve yours.

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