Carhartt Company Gear™

It’s More Than a Uniform. It’s a Carhartt.

Carhartt’s mission expands beyond making uniforms to face the toughest work out there. They offer more than a durable work shirt that can hold up as long as you can, or a jacket designed to withstand the harshest environments. Their premium workwear helps your crew handle the most challenging of jobs in the roughest conditions, acting as a symbol of pride for their job well done.

For over 130 years, Carhartt has been protecting America’s workforce, making the world’s toughest jobs manageable for those brave enough to face them. They expand beyond providing premium workwear by providing understanding and trust to those out in the field. They deliver uniforms that elicit pride in one’s work, and the means to tackle each day head-on. It’s more than a uniform. It’s a Carhartt.

Authorized Carhartt Company Gear Dealer

We consider our partnership with Carhartt Company Gear™ to be a cornerstone in our mission to be the best custom uniform provider available. We trust in Carhartt Company Gear™ to provide customers with an experience that expands beyond the uniform; an experience that cannot be matched by any other workwear provider. More than a comfortable t-shirt or pair of durable workpants, Carhartt Company Gear™ provides workers a sense of pride, tradition, and trust as they face the toughest jobs on the planet.

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