Build Your Own Sublimated Jersey in 6 Easy Steps!

ProSphere is Here to Help Your Team gearUP for Gameday!

We happily sing the praises of sublimated jerseys for sports teams, especially those offered through our partnership with ProSphere – part of Founder Sports Group.

One of the greatest perks of working with ProSphere to mockup sublimated jerseys is the shear number of different styles and designs to be had! All it takes is a little time and imagination, and soon you’ll find yourself with a design worthy of any championship-caliber team!

However, If you are someone who has never designed your own sublimated jersey, the process can seem a bit overwhelming. With so many garment options, design options, color options, etc. Where do you even begin?

Thankfully, we have written out step-by-step instructions for the usage of the ProSphere Gear sublimated uniform designer. We hope this will act as a guide as you navigate the creation of your teams brand new sublimated jersey.

*Before we get started: in previous posts, we discussed both what a sublimated jersey is and how sublimated jerseys can be beneficial for your team. If you are interested in learning more, we highly recommend you go check them out!*

1. Enter ProSphere Gear

Click here to enter into the ProSphere Gear webpage and get started!

2. Start the Design Process

Click on the “Design Now” Icon on the upper right-hand side of the screen.

3. Select Your Activity

You now have access to dozens of different apparel pieces, organized by sport/activity focus. We recommend you play around and explore different options offered by ProSphere.

For the purpose of this guide, we will be focusing on the creation of sublimated jerseys.

On the top left of the screen, click “sport”. From here, ProSphere organizes their sports between Men’s/Boys and Women’s/Girls. From the drop-down menus, select the activity that aligns with your search.

4. Select Your Garment

This is where the fun begins!

On this first page you will be asked to make two choices:

  1. Select the cut of your sublimated jersey
  2. Select the design layout of your sublimated jersey

Take your time and explore different combinations to find the style that is right for you!

Don’t fear if you can’t make up your mind! ProSphere allows you to save designs that are easily accessible later! Once you finish mocking up one design, you can easily go back and create another!

5. Start Customizing

Once you have your sublimated jersey cut and design selected, go ahead and click “start customizing”.

First, select the fabric used to create your sublimated jersey. The number of fabric options available will depend on the sport you’ve selected – some only offer one, while others have a few options to choose from. Rest assured that all fabrics offered by ProSphere are lightweight, moisture-wicking, and performance driven. If you have any questions regarding which fabric to choose, please feel free to contact a gearUP representative who can provide greater insights.

Second, you will be asked to select the colors and detailing for your sublimated jersey. Everything from the colors, to the unique pattern your jersey uses are completely in your control! If you need a bit more assistance, watch this video provided by ProSphere!

Third, you will have the opportunity to add in names and number details to your sublimated jersey. Change the font, color, etc. to your desires. If a little more guidance is necessary, watch this video by ProSphere!

Finally, you have access to ProSphere Gear’s library of graphics and logos, which you can use to add further detail to your team jersey! You even have the ability to upload your own logo, so this sublimated jersey can truly become your own! To offer more guidance on this process, watch this video by ProSphere!

6. Send Us Your Design

We are excited to see your final design, and to help you get the ball rolling in terms of ordering your new sublimated jerseys!

There are a few ways to make sure one of our representatives see’s your design:

  • Click the save icon to send yourself a ProSphere Retrieval Code, and then contact us directly!
  • Click the email order icon to send the retrieval code directly to us at (sales@gearupsports.net) with a description of your organization and relevant contact information.
  • Give us a call at (503) 747-5032 Mon-Fri, 9AM-5PM PST.

We are proud to partner with Founder Sports Group, allowing us to play a role in the creation of your very own sublimated jerseys and team apparel. As always, we are excited to help in any way we can, and eager to make the uniform ordering process as easy as possible for you and your team.