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What Makes a Volleyball Uniform Legal for Competition in 2022-2023?

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Why Does gearUP Value Volleyball Uniform Guidelines? We take pride in making sure teams are always geared up properly for gametime. This goes beyond providing the best custom volleyball uniforms and apparel for your athletes – we make sure your uniforms are legal for competition, so you never have to worry about potential disqualification.  Volleyball has strict r .....

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60 Must Reads for Youth Sports Coaches

Must Reads for Youth Sports Coaches

Youth Sports Coaching Must Reads As a youth sports coach, you have endless responsibilities to your athletes and team. From demonstrating technique and teaching gameday strategy, to reinforcing the ideas of discipline and sportsmanship, your job can quickly become overwhelming.  To help alleviate stress, and to hopefully make your job more manageable, we’ve pr .....

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5 Fun Volleyball Drills to Develop Teamwork! 

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Why is Building Teamwork in Volleyball so Important? The ability to trust and work well with others is essential in any team sport, especially so in the game of volleyball.  Six players make up a standard volleyball team, each with their own unique skillset and physical capabilities, and each fulfilling a key role on the court. Though their skills and responsibiliti .....

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6 Great Volleyball Coaching Tips


New to Coaching Youth Volleyball? We Were There Once Too. Trust us, coaching youth sports can seem quite daunting a task at times, especially when just starting out. Having played the game yourself is one thing, but unfortunately that experience only takes you so far. Sure, when it comes to breaking down serving mechanics and setting up agility drills, you know how .....

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