6 Volleyball Coaching Tips

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At first glance, the game of volleyball might seem pretty simple. Anyone who’s played it knows just how wrong that assumption is: It’s an incredibly demanding game, physically as well as mentally. And it can be just as involved for coaches as for players. That doesn’t mean youth volleyball coaches should feel daunted or intimidated. It just means they need a strategy .....

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5 Softball Pitching Tips

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“My pitching philosophy is simple,” the baseball legend Satchel Paige once said. “Keep the ball away from the bat.” The joke, of course, is that there’s really nothing simple or easy about pitching. It requires a number of carefully honed mental and physical skills in order to pitch well, and to pitch consistently. The question for youth softball coaches is, how c .....

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gearUP Partners with Elephant Soccer Club of Harlem

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At gearUP, there are a few values that we hold dear. We believe that youth sports are an important way to teach kids critical lifelong values. And we believe that the uniforming process is an essential part of that. Providing youth athletes with high-quality uniforms from top brands helps them feel like champions. It’s a jolt to their self-esteem. And it’s a reminder that .....

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What Should Youth Baseball Coaches Wear?

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It’s often said that you should dress for success. The question is, what does this look like when your job is coaching a youth baseball team? A good rule of thumb: Coaches should set a positive example for their athletes. You naturally want your team members to show up to every practice dressed appropriately, which means you should be intentional about doing the same. Sim .....

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What are Sublimated Baseball Jerseys?


As you explore different options for youth baseball uniforms, you may come across the term sublimated baseball jerseys. What exactly does this mean? And are there any advantages to buying sublimated baseball jerseys for your team or league? Sublimation Explained The term sublimation refers to a manufacturing process in which the entire design of the uniform (for example, .....

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5 Baseball Hitting Drills


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