Does My Team Need a gearUP Webstore This Season?

For coaches that value spending time with their athletes, and who are looking to avoid the headaches of the traditional uniform process, building a custom team webstore with gearUP is the right move.

As a team comprised of former coaches, uniform coordinators, and team parents, we understand the struggle of outfitting athletes for the season: calling vendors to hopefully lock-in stock, relying on printing services that have unpredictable turn times, the frustration of collecting order sheets and payments from parents, with the final cherry on top being the dozens and dozens of boxes that are dumped at your doorstep, making it your responsibility to track who ordered what and distribute accordingly. And do not get us started on late-roster entries, sizing errors, or miss-orders.

In general, the traditional process used to outfit teams is a logistical disaster waiting to happen, and in our experience, it somehow became the case almost every season.

So why not find a better way? That is what we did, by turning the uniform process into something fun and enjoyable for coaches, and allowing you tons of creative freedom without the insane time commitment or hassle.   

Below are further key reasons why your team will benefit from a custom team webstore this coming season. Once convinced, contact us today and get the process started!

1. Fully Customizable Team Webstore

You will be involved with everything from creating the style and design of your athlete’s custom uniforms, to choosing the specific offerings and layouts for your team’s custom fan gear options. You will work with a gearUP account representative every step of the way, so you can relax knowing a uniform expert is there when you need guidance.  

2. Easy Ordering Process

Our webstores allow for parents and athletes to log on and order exactly what they need for game time, 24/7-365, with orders shipped right to their doorstep with industry-leading speed. No longer will you be responsible for organizing order sheets and collecting payments from parents. Now they can simply log onto your custom team webstore and order with ease.

In addition, the days of uniform fit issues and sizing mistakes are long gone. We offer sizing insurance at check-out, meaning parents can order product for their athletes and know that, in the event their uniforms and gear does not fit properly, they can simply complete the return form and send it back to switch out for a proper replacement.

3. Cost Effective Uniform Solution

Unlike our competition, our webstores are free to build, maintain, and update. Your team’s webstore will remain live 24/7, 365 days a year at no cost to you, there are never any order windows, and you can submit apparel edits at any time.

4. Game-Changing Customer Service

Too often we hear from new customers how difficult their previous custom uniform provider was to contact, and how simple issues became massive inconveniences simply because no one was available to pick up the phone.

We pride ourselves on our customer service team, who are always ready and able to help. What’s more, your account representative is only ever a phone call or email away. Regardless of the issue, we will promptly find you the help you need, so you can get back to enjoying the season.

Contact gearUP and Get Started Today!

Now is the perfect time to gearUP your team in custom uniforms and apparel. Our gearUP representatives are ready to discuss custom uniform, training, and fan gear options, and are excited to help make the uniform process easier than ever for you and your athletes.

To learn more about custom uniforms, training gear, and fan gear, contact gearUP today!

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