About Gear Up Sports

Our Mission

To deliver inspiration and excitement to sports families through customized team gear that’s easy to buy and ready for game time.

Gear Up Sports, Inc. - More Time to Play!

Our Vision

To create more time to play!

Our Values

At Gear Up Sports, we have 3 core values... TEAM • PLAY • LEARN

Our values are our fundamental beliefs. They are the guiding principles we use
for our business and for our partnerships with suppliers and customers.

Gear Up Sports, Inc. - More Time to Play!


We recognize that each team member brings something unique to the game. We all have a role to play. No matter the situation, teammates always have each other’s back. Like every great team – we always encourage, support and respect one another.

Play...with Gear Up Sports!


Creating more time to play is what Gear Up Sports is all about. We strive to ensure that our teams have the ultimate experience by eliminating the uniform hassle. In addition, we foster a productive workplace, that champions a healthy balance of work and play.

Coach leading team in Gear Up Sports volleyball uniforms


In this fast-paced world, the only constant is change. Successful teams win because they adapt and are open to growth. We promote a culture of learning and continuous improvement. Thus, allowing us to better serve our teams.