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Team Sports Apparel Delivered Direct To Athlete, On Time For Game Time!

Ordering new team sports apparel for your youth, club, or high school programs just got a whole lot easier!

Like you, we are coaches, directors, and volunteers within youth sports. Unfortunately, just like you’re experiencing, we were spending dozens of hours and wasting precious time trying to organize sports uniforms for our athletes.

That’s why we decided to create a better way for coaches to get apparel for their athletes and fans so they can get back to doing what they enjoy: coaching youth sports!

Our solution allows uniforms and apparel to be chosen and designed by you, with guidance from one of our gearUP representatives. From there, athletes and fans can order the custom sports gear they need through a dedicated team webstore. Through your webstore, everyone will have access to:

• 24/7 hassle-free ordering
• Best in class custom team sports apparel by Nike
• Direct to athlete shipping
• Industry-leading customer service

You’ll appreciate getting back to what you love, while athletes and fans will enjoy the convenience of ordering the specific team sports gear they need, when they need it!

  • Convenience

    Set up an online webstore for your team, club, or league. Then, anyone can log on to order uniforms and gear. It’s simple, fast, and hassle-free.

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  • Quality

    We partner with best-in-class brands, including Nike and Carhartt, to provide the highest-quality and most durable gear available.

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  • Direct to Athlete Delivery

    Uniforms and gear ship straight to parents and athletes, on time for game time!

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Team Sports We gearUP

  • Custom Baseball Uniforms

    When you got involved with youth baseball, you didn’t sign up because you get to hand out uniforms. You signed up to teach kids how to hit, pitch, and throw. You signed up because you have a genuine love of the game. Let us give you more time to enjoy baseball by taking the uniforming process out of your hands! When you partner with gearUP, no matter what kind of league you are involved with, your athletes will have the gear that makes them feel like an All-Star when they take the field.

    Our team boasts decades of experience in the world of custom baseball uniforms. We’ll start by working with you to design uniforms from premier brands like Nike. From there, we’ll build a personalized webstore where parents and athletes can buy what they need when they need it. We also offer sizing insurance and samples to ensure athletes look their best on game day.

    We are youth baseball experts and work with organizations from all over the country, so whether you need uniforms for Club Baseball, Little League, Fall Ball, or All-Stars, we have you covered!

    For Baseball Teams & Leagues
  • Custom Softball Uniforms

    You signed up to be a softball coach or volunteer, not a softball uniform coordinator. You love seeing young kids grow through youth sports and want to have a role in that, you don’t love collecting payments, distributing uniforms, or keeping excess inventory. We’re here to help!

    Our mission is to make it as easy as possible for you to get back to enjoying what you love, softball. We’ll start by making sure your athletes look great with our custom softball uniform packages. Whether it’s Club Softball, Little League, Fall Ball, or All-Stars, every kid deserves to feel like a Champion when they’re on the field! We work with the industry’s top apparel companies like Nike, and custom uniforms we offer are made to handle all the wear-and-tear that softball brings with it.

    Once your personalized webstore is launched, parents and athletes can order the softball gear they need, when they need it. The gear is then mailed direct to athlete, alleviating all the time and stress that comes with the uniforming process.

    There really is no easier way to get the custom uniforms you need for softball season!

    For Softball Teams & Leagues
  • Custom Volleyball Uniforms

    At gearUP, we’re huge fans of volleyball! We’re not huge fans of how much time you need to spend dealing with uniforms. Your time should be spent teaching athletes how to set and block, not having a headache over how you’re going to collect payments and distribute uniforms.

    We partner with volleyball clubs and organizations from all over the country to give coaches, directors, and volunteers more time to help young athletes grow and develop. It starts with designing your volleyball gear on premier apparel from industry-leading brands. We want your athletes to feel like All-Stars when they step on the court.

    We then build you a personalized webstore where athletes and parents can order their volleyball gear, anytime, anywhere. Athlete lost a jersey or had a growth spurt? Easily order another one. Not sure what size everyone is? We offer samples and sizing insurance!

    So get back to enjoying volleyball and let us build you custom volleyball uniform packages that your athletes will be proud of!

    For Volleyball Clubs & Leagues
  • Custom Basketball Uniforms

    Driving to youth basketball practice, you’re never thinking, “I can’t wait to distribute uniforms!” No, you’re thinking how best to teach your athletes how to run the pick and roll, shoot the 3 ball, or play lights out defense. You’re a basketball coach, director, or volunteer, not a basketball uniform coordinator.

    Our goal is to give you more time to get back to the X’s and O’s, and less time dealing with the uniforming process. How? We start by making sure your athletes are geared up in premier brands like Nike with your custom logo and colors. From there, we build a personalized webstore for your team or league where parents and athletes can buy what they need, when they need it, and have it shipped directly to them. It’s that simple!

    Parents love our webstores for their ease of use. They can order what their athletes need for game time, as well as the fan gear they need to cheer them on. You’ll love our webstores because it frees up your time and energy, so you can get back to enjoying youth basketball!

    For Basketball Teams & Leagues
  • Custom Football Uniforms

    Football can be one of the most demanding sports to coach. Blocking, catching, passing, route running, blitz assignments, the list goes on and on. With so much to teach, why are you spending all of your time trying to find and design uniforms?

    That is where gearUP steps in! We work with flag, pee-wee, pop-warner, and school football teams and leagues to provide premium, custom gear, delivered direct to athlete. The process starts by designing the look of your uniforms. Our uniforms are highly customizable, so you can create what you’re looking for with ease. From there, we’ll build a webstore for your football team or league where athletes and parents can log on and stock up.

    Everyone is a winner with our model for football teams. Contact us today and learn how we can help you get back to enjoying football!

    For Football Teams & Leagues
  • Custom Training Gear

    How athletes show up to practice and gameday matters. With branded training gear, your athletes will show up not only looking like a pro, but feeling like one too!

    Training gear products we offer:

    • Short-sleeve tees

    • Long-sleeve tees

    • Polos

    • Hoodies

    • Pants and shorts

    • Backpacks

    • and more!

    For Training Gear


What is a webstore? How fast do orders ship? What are the decoration options? Can I order replacement gear? Find the answer to these and much more on our FAQs page!

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