Keep Your Jersey Fresh and Ready for Gameday!

Picture This…

The day finally arrives when your custom jersey is delivered to your doorstep. You hastily rip into the packaging and lay witness to its immaculate design. All those weeks of practice and waiting for the season to start, and here at last is your ticket to gameday!

However, as eager as you might be to try it out, a thought enters your head: “I don’t want to get my brand-new custom jersey dirty, not before gameday”. So, you decide to put it away, fearing what could happen if you wear it prematurely.

But even when gameday finally arrives and its time to dress up, you’ll almost instinctually do anything and everything to keep your new custom uniform clean, even at the risk of hindering your performance during the game!

“Don’t slide into second, you’ll dirty up your pants”.

“Don’t go for the tackle, you’ll get grass stains on your jersey”.

“Don’t run so hard, you’ll get sweat and salt stains on your collar”.

Is there anything that can be done to ease your mind?!

Thankfully, we are here to help by providing 7 tips on how to wash your uniform after play; allowing you to get down and dirty when needed, while still able to show up to your next game in a bright, clean uniform every time.

1. Wash your Custom Jersey Immediately After Play

We know… you just finished a tough game, and you are probably exhausted. The last thing you want to do is run a load of laundry. But we promise, washing your uniform as soon as you get home will pay off in the long run (and will keep your laundry hamper from smelling like a locker room).

Tackling stains immediately gives you the best chance to remove them. Although it wouldn’t be the end of the world if you wanted until tomorrow to get it done, the sooner the better. Especially for larger stains that might take some elbow grease to remove.

2. Wash Your Custom Jersey as Gently as Possible

There is no reason you shouldn’t feel comfortable running your custom jersey in the washer. It certainly makes washing immediately after a game that much easier a task.

However, it’s not as simple as toss it in and press a button. Here are a few things to be cognizant of when throwing your custom uniform into the washing machine:

  1. Run on a gentle cycle to prevent aggressive tossing-and-turning and abrasions to the vinyl decorations.
  2. Wash with cold or warm water – too high a temperature will compromise the adhesive of the vinyl and might cause cracking or peeling.
  3. Use only mild detergent. Detergent options that contain the phrases “Brightening”, “Whitening”, or “Stain Fighting” should be avoided due to their harsh chemicals, which could compromise the integrity of the vinyl.
  4. Do not use additional fabric softeners or any other chemicals, such as bleach.

As exciting as it sounds (trust us, we know) hand-washing your custom uniform might be the best option to ensure it is receiving the proper care it deserves. However, do not be afraid to run it in the washer. Just make sure you are keeping these guidelines in mind when you do.

3. When in Doubt, Wash Jerseys Inside-Out

This is such a simple method to prevent any unwanted chemical exposure, and to prevent any abrasions on the vinyl logo. It takes but a moment and will add another protective measure to ensure your jersey logo remains untattered.

Bonus Points: If you have access to a garment bag, even better! Anything to prevent abrasions on the vinyl detailing during the washing cycle will help immensely! This is essential for reversible custom jerseys when there is no option to flip inside-out.

4. The Dryer is No Place for a Custom Jersey!

The benefits of placing your custom uniform in the dryer will not out-weigh the potential risks:

  • Potentially compromise the elastic-nature of the jersey, altering it’s fit.
  • High heat could damage the vinyl logo and detailing.
  • Any integrated padding (i.e., football uniforms) could be damaged or misshapen as a result.

We highly recommend air-drying your uniforms after wash. However, if in a pinch, the dryer can certainly be used, but we only recommend running the uniform on a low-heat cycle to mitigate risks for damage.

Custom Jersey Cleaning Tips

5. Custom Jerseys Hate the Dry Cleaners!

Too much heat, and too many chemicals. Although it might seem like a good idea, we highly recommend you avoid using the dry cleaners when comes time to wash your custom uniform.

6. Struggling with Smell? Try Vinegar or Baking Soda!

As tempting as scented-detergents or additional laundry additives might be to eliminate odors, we promise this is a recipe for disaster. Any harsh chemical exposure could compromise that precious vinyl logo.

In that case, how do you eliminate odors?

Simple! Use the same stuff that makes your teeth white and makes French Fries taste amazing!

Something as simple as adding in a half cup of baking soda, or a cup of vinegar to your wash are sure-fire ways to tackle stubborn odors, without running the risk of damaging your uniform (and surprisingly, without the risk of having your uniform smell like toothpaste or fries!).

Sometimes the natural solutions are the best!

7. Beware of Ironing!

A common theme for these tips is to avoid high heat exposure when cleaning your custom uniform at all costs. Ironing, as it turns out, is all about high heat exposure!

If you do feel the need to iron your custom uniform, please do so on low heat. In addition, place something like a towel between the garment and the iron itself, to avoid direct heat on the decorations.

Bonus Points: Want to prevent wrinkles without using an iron? Use a hair dryer on the low heat/cool setting. Not only will this help the garment dry faster, but it will also help prevent wrinkles while mitigating risk for damage!

In Conclusion

Receiving your new custom jersey should always be an occasion met with joy and excitement! Never be afraid to take it through its paces or fear sullying it during game day – there is always a way to make sure it remains fresh and clean and is ready to go for next time.

Remember though, your custom uniform works just as hard as you do and deserves the love and treatment necessary to keep it immaculate. So long as you keep these tips in mind, you should be good to go!

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