Why Sublimated Jerseys Make All the Difference!

In a previous post, we discussed what makes a sublimated jersey. If you are interested in learning more about the sublimation process, please feel free to check it out!

In this post, we will instead be discussing the advantages that a sublimated jersey has over standard heat-press options, and why your program should highly consider choosing sublimated jerseys for your upcoming season.  

1. Numerous Customization Options!

When it comes to designing a sublimated jersey, the sky is the limit!

Not only can a name, number, and logo be integrated into the garment, but the rest of the piece is fully customizable as well!

  1. Sublimated pieces can contain a variety of different colors, rather than being forced to remain with a standard 1-color garment.
  2. Details such as checker-boarding, striping, or even lightning bolts can easily be integrated into a sublimated uniform!
  3. Sport specific detailing, such as piping and/or stripes on sublimated baseball uniforms, are done with much more attention to detail.

If you truly want your team design to stand out from the crowd, sublimated jerseys are 100% the way to go!

2. Incredible Durability!

With sublimated jerseys, the risk for decorations fading, peeling, or cracking is long gone! There is no need to place a vinyl layer on top of a garment in order to create the design. With sublimation, the detailing is integrated into the actual fabric itself, which is then stitched together to make the final piece. In other words, the designs and details you choose ARE the uniform!

Run your sublimated jersey though the gauntlet, and watch how it always comes back looking brand new each and every time!

3. Cost-Effective!

Nothing is more frustrating than needing to spend additional funds half way through a season to replace team jerseys and uniforms, due to faded detailing and cracked logos. Heat press options may look great out of the box, but it takes certain steps and considerations to ensure they remain that way. Unless everyone in your program is willing to care for their jersey in such a manner, eventually, replacements may be necessary sooner than you would like to see.

In addition, if your program relies on reusing the same uniforms year after year, the lifespan of a heat-pressed jersey may not be as extensive as a sublimated one.

Sublimated jerseys remove this risk all together. There is no vinyl layer on top of the garment; nothing to crack, peel, or fade away. Since the design and detailing are integrated into the jersey fabrics, there is nothing to wear down or deteriorate!

In addition, because of the technique used to integrate the design into the garment, the cost per jersey for sublimation is the same regardless of order size. You can order 10 jerseys or 100 jerseys – since there are no pre-printed materials needed to be sourced, the cost per jersey remains the same!

4. Boost Team Morale!

All quality team uniforms are morale-boosters. They are a symbol for team comradery, and are to be worn proudly. However, when the team uniform looks absolutely stellar, it can boost morale to a whole new level!

Sublimated jerseys can do just that – Why just put your logo on a standard garment, when you can make the entire piece your own? Everything from the ground-up will be a display of your program and what you stand for. Imagine how much your team will enjoy storming the field in a uniform like that!

5. Tons of Sublimated Jersey Options!

There are an abundance of options to be had when printing with sublimation!

  1. Need a long sleeve, a short sleeve, or perhaps a no sleeve jersey?
  2. How many buttons do you want on the front? Or no buttons instead?
  3. Would you like your design to be incorporated in your teams’ pants or shorts as well?
  4. Want sublimation to expand into your fan gear options?

All of these are possible with sublimation. Essentially, if the garment style exists, then it can be made into a sublimated masterpiece!

Sublimated Jerseys for All Sports

The Only “Con” With Sublimated Jerseys

The process of sublimation is only fully optimized on materials that are 100% polyester, or at least contain a high percentage of polyester fibers in the fabric. Sublimation is possible on garments made of other fabric such as cotton, but the color and design will not be permanently integrated into the piece.

We describe this as a “con” because some individuals may enjoy and actually prefer the feel of cotton for their game-day jerseys. However, the advantages of a polyester garment are well known within the sports realm:

  1. Polyester is lightweight
  2. Polyester is breathable
  3. Polyester is naturally moisture-wicking

Being “forced” to use polyester to make your teams sublimated jersey is like being “forced” to eat a gourmet meal rather than fast food – we all know which option is ultimately better.

In Conclusion…

With some time and imagination, a sublimated jersey can easily become the center piece for any athletic program! Our reps are ready to help get the creative process started, so your team can take the field with confidence this upcoming season!

How gearUP Can Help Create Your Custom Jerseys

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We also build a custom webstore for your program, so parents can go on and purchase uniforms themselves. We then ship those custom uniforms direct to player to eliminate the logistical headache of uniform coordination. If you are ready to outfit your team with the best quality custom jerseys available, then click here to get started!

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