Why is Building Teamwork in Volleyball so Important?

The ability to trust and work well with others is essential in any team sport, especially so in the game of volleyball. 

Six players make up a standard volleyball team, each with their own unique skillset and physical capabilities, and each fulfilling a key role on the court. Though their skills and responsibilities may be different, once the match starts it is imperative that this group of individuals play as one to successfully face the demands of the game. ti

The question is, how do you teach six unique players to work together as a team? 

There are numerous volleyball drills designed to help teach and embrace the importance of team cohesion, used by some of the most dominant professional players in the world. These fun volleyball drills are easy to integrate into a practice session, either as a warm-up or as a great way to cap-off training for the day, so your players will always be excited to participate. 

We’ll share with you five simple volleyball team bonding drills, each designed to target a specific skillset. Make a point to add these practices into your training, and you are sure to see massive differences in the cooperation of your team!

1. Volleyball Drill to Practice Good Communication

Communication is key among all successful volleyball teams. Six individuals looking to complete a volley and return the ball to the opposite side of the court need to vocalize their intentions and be willing to listen to the input of others. It doesn’t help anyone to ignore callouts made by your teammates, only to either miss the play or interrupt what could have been the game-saving dive. 

It might seem silly, but a fantastic way to teach proper communication in volleyball is by playing the “Unknot Game”. 

Here’s how to play the “Unknot Game”: 

  • Have your players stand in a tight circle, close their eyes, and instruct them to reach out and grab hands with one of their teammates at random. This will thoroughly entangle their arms together into a messy knot. 
  • Have players open their eyes. 
  • Without letting go of each other’s hands, instruct that your players figure out how to untangle themselves, so they are once again standing in a tight circle, hand-in-hand with one another. 

This game is a guaranteed laugh, and one that is wonderful in teaching the power of effective communication. Players are forced to work together and create an overall strategy benefitting the team, and then must execute that plan properly as individuals if they are to successfully untangle themselves.

2. Volleyball Drill to Learn Trust

A great drill to help build trust, as well as further develop the skill of proper communication, involves playing “The Blindfold Game”. 

How to play “The Blindfold Game”:

  • Form teams of two. 
  • One player will be blindfolded and will have to navigate a set course of obstacles or be required to complete specific tasks.  
  • Their partner will be responsible for verbally guiding them through the course – no physical ques are allowed. 

Set-up the course however you’d like! You can have players searching for something like a ball to then drop into a basket or have them navigate a course around cones – whatever you come up with, the end result is the same. Your players will understand just how important proper communication is and will learn to trust their teammates in guiding them towards success!

*Warning – Ensure that you are performing this drill in a wide-open area on a soft surface (grass, sand, padded gym floor, etc.) to keep your players safe. 

3. Volleyball Drill to Develop Understanding

Young and developing volleyball players might have the chance to try out and experience different positions on the court, to help determine the right fit for them. However, once a player grows and develops with the game, it’s not uncommon for them to hold a specific spot or position on the team that matches their individual strengths. That makes sense, but spending too much time in one position can make a player forget about the challenges faced by their teammates who are tasked with different responsibilities. 

A great volleyball drill that helps players better appreciate the work of their teammates involves having them perform a scrimmage where each player is randomly assigned to a new position – something they wouldn’t normally play and preferably is well outside of their comfort zone. Perhaps have your star setter play a game as a defensive specialist or as the Libero, allowing them a chance to better understand the defensive side of the game rather than focusing solely on offense. 

Your volleyball players will leave the experience having a whole new perspective on the game, a new perspective on the talents and pressures faced by their teammates, and a greater respect for their team overall. 

4. Volleyball Drill to Build Team Goals

One of the best drills for teaching the importance of proper goal setting involves encouraging your players to decide what those goals are for themselves. Simply give your team the ability to create that framework together, and watch what happens!

Assemble your players and provide them with a large sheet of paper and plenty of markers. Around the edge of the paper, each person is to take turns writing their name and an individual goal they’d like to accomplish. Once that is complete, have your team captains lead a discussion about the universal goals the team would like to achieve together during the season. Have your captains ensure that every voice and opinion be heard and compile a list of 5-10 overarching team goals, written down in the middle of the paper. 

This works for many different reasons:

  • Players are empowered when they know that their goals and visions for the season are their own, and don’t feel overly governed by the goals of coaches or parents.
  • Players feel like their voice matters to the success of the team. 
  • Each player can see how their own personal goal, as well as the individual goals of their teammates, contributing to the overall mission of the team. 

If you are able, hang this sheet up in either the gym or locker room – somewhere players can see it every day during practice. This will act as a powerful reminder of the importance of teamwork, and will motivate your players to work towards accomplishing their team goals together. 

5. Volleyball Drill to Embrace Team Pride

Finally receiving your custom volleyball uniforms for the season can be exciting! After practicing together for so long, finally everyone has the chance to proudly wear their team logo and colors! 

After receiving their new jerseys, what do players want to do most after receiving their new custom volleyball uniforms? Play volleyball of course!

Don’t be the coach that forces their athletes to immediately put their new volleyball jerseys in the locker room, saving them only for game time. A fantastic way to capitalize on the excitement of jersey day is to have your players scrimmage in their new gear! Not only are you reinforcing skills and preparing your athletes for the season, but you’re allowing them to celebrate their team pride and enjoy their new custom volleyball uniforms, decorated to show off the team they love!

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Teamwork for the win! Give these 5 Volleyball Drills a try this season!

Every successful volleyball team makes a point to practice teamwork. It is essential for players to understand their role, respect the work put in by their teammates, and come together to accomplish their goals as one. 

These volleyball drills are so simple and can easily be added into a training session without the worry of sacrificing time that could otherwise be spent reinforcing the fundamentals. Try out these five volleyball drills with your players and see how positively they respond to learning and embracing the importance of teamwork. 

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