Turns out, hitting a baseball is actually quite difficult…

Let’s think about it; in what endeavor is a 70% failure rate considered ideal? In what endeavor is a 50% failure rate considered legendary?

You must be a real optimist to play baseball or softball.

This illustrates just how difficult hitting is in both sports, and why continuing to practice and perfect hitting mechanics is so crucial.

Coaches truly have their work cut out for them when teaching players proper swing mechanics. Luckily, there are some tried-and-true baseball hitting drills that can help get started.

5 Drills to Teach Proper Swinging Mechanics

Here are a few drills for any youth baseball coach to have in their playbook.

  1. Basic batting practice. There’s always room for the fundamentals: Have a coach, volunteer, or another player pitch ball after ball, allowing batters to get some repetition. This can be one of the best ways to build confidence. And when players start hitting some balls, they’ll start having fun too!
  2. Tee practice. Hitting off a tee can be invaluable for players of any age. It helps novices feel what it’s like to make contact with a ball, and it helps even the more experienced players to flatten their swing. Additionally, coaches can use tee practice as a chance to really step back and evaluate their players’ forms.
  3. Spot hitting. Place an item, like a glove or a cup, out on the field. Start pitching, and direct players to hit the ball before it passes that fixed object in their field of vision. This is a great way to coax players into getting in front of pitches, really getting out in front of the plate.
  4. Double pitching. Pitch two balls, one right after another, perhaps one a little higher or lower than the other. Call out for the hitter to connect with either the first or second pitch. This can be a great way to build focus and control.
  5. Boxing. Get a boxing or punching bag and direct your hitter to connect with it. The goal here is to teach them follow-through. They should swing at the bag, connect, and stay connected, rather than recoil or back away. This is actually a very powerful exercise for perfecting power and form.

As baseball coaches, you can never have too many hitting drills to draw from. We hope these five prove to be game changers for you and your players!

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