Spring track season is on its way, and the best time to start preparing is now. However, being the time of year where temperatures begin to drop and weather conditions are not always favorable, training outside may not be the easiest to do.

For track athletes that live and train in areas of the country where snow is a constant and below freezing temperatures are a norm, we have compiled three key tips for cold weather running, so you can be successful once the track thaws out this spring.

Warm-up for Running in the Cold

Starting your workout session with “cold” muscles can be detrimental in and of itself, let alone when it’s cold outside. Undergoing a proper warm-up routine before running in the cold can make the difference between a solid session and a miserable workout, and, if not more importantly, can help mitigate the risk for injury.

Here is a warm-up for cold weather running that all track athletes can perform right before exercise. This routine should take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete:

Foam Rolling: While still inside, perform 10-20 back-and-forth roll outs for all major muscle groups using a foam roller, including the calves, quads, hamstrings, IT Band, glutes, back, etc. Click here for a guided session on how to use a foam roller correctly before running.

Dynamic Stretches for Runners: 5-10 holds per exercise, per side, done over a 10-15 meter walkway:

– Walking Quadricep stretch

– Walking knee hugs

– Walking hamstring sweeps

– Walking glute / piriformis stretch

– Side lunges

– Forward lunges

– Forward / backward, and side-to-side leg swings

– Arm circles

– Shoulder stretch

Having completed this routine, your body should be ready to face whatever winter workout is in the books for the day. Click here for a guided dynamic stretching session.

Bundle Up with Winter Running Gear

Brands like Nike know how to meet athletes where they are, which sometimes means meeting customers in cold environments. Because of that, Nike has made a huge effort to innovate and provide cold weather running gear specifically designed to handle frigid temperatures, so their athletes can keep on training.

We are proud to offer certain Nike cold weather running apparel to our customers, helping keep you and your team warm. Below are some team favorites that can easily be customized for your team and included on your custom team webstore. They include:

Nike Therma Pullover Hoodie: Designed specifically with cold environments in mind, this Nike pullover helps trap body heat to keep athletes warm, while also retaining the moisture-wicking properties of Nike’s Dri-Fit polyester.

Nike Club Fleece Hoodie & Pants: The classic set that athletes have relied on for years, trust the combination of cotton and Nike Dri-Fit polyester will help keep athletes warm and comfortable as the temperatures begin to drop.

Nike Repel Miler Jacket & Pants: This water-resistant jacket and pants set acts as the perfect outer layer for those whose training is more important than worrying about inclement weather.

Nike Dry Element Half-Zip Top: Perfect for layering in cold environments; add extra protection under a heavier jacket, or simply rely on this when you are warmed up and in the groove.

If the Temperatures are Too Low, Look to Cross-Train Instead

Sometimes the conditions make it too cold to run, and that’s okay. Better to stay safe and potentially miss a day of training than risk injury. However, just because you are unable to head out the door to run does not mean exercise is out of the question for the day.

If you are fortunate enough to have access to a treadmill, indoor bike, an elliptical, or a rowing machine, then you are already a step-ahead. However, we know that not everyone has access to equipment like that, and thankfully there are numerous ways to cross-train inside without equipment that will help you stay in shape.

Click below to watch some of our favorite runner-focused cross-training videos:

Yoga for runners

Bodyweight workout for runners

If a rest day is needed, then take advantage of the day, relax, and come back stronger tomorrow. However, if you are itching for a workout but cannot head out the door due to winter weather, know there are great resources available that are just a click away.

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