Give Your Team an Edge Over the Competition!

We all know the excitement surrounding uniform day – the day you and your teammates finally receive your long-awaited custom jerseys. The thrill is indescribable, rivaled only to the first time everyone is dressed and takes the field as one unified group – the day you finally came together as a real team.

Custom team uniforms are simply a part of sports and have been for decades. Throughout the years, there have been as many different styles, colors and logos as there have been athletes playing the game; each design representing its own significance and meaning for those who wear them.

We at gearUP truly believe in the power that a custom team uniform can give.

Listed below are three key reasons why custom jerseys are essential for success, and how your team can benefit from creating their own unique look for gameday.

1. Custom Jerseys Represent Team Cohesion

We all have the basic need to feel like we are a part of something greater than ourselves, whether it be a team, a family, a club, etc. Spending time with others builds the social relationships we need to feel fulfilled, providing us with the motivation and support necessary to push ourselves to even greater heights.

As athletes we understand this concept innately.

Yes, the hours of practice makes us stronger, and sharpens our skills so we can play the game better as individuals. However, understanding that your performance impacts not only yourself, but your teammates as well is what brings it all together and makes a successful team.

Having a physical representation of that bond is just the icing on the cake. And what better depiction of that bond than taking the field in your custom team uniforms?

This uniform represents all the hard work and sacrifice necessary to get to where you are today. It represents all the blood, sweat, and tears shed; the hours spent battling through practice with your team– pushing, supporting, and encouraging each other to constantly strive for excellence each and every day.

Now you can demonstrate it all proudly as you take the field shoulder-to-shoulder with your teammates, ready to dominate the competition.

2. Custom Jerseys Intimidate the Competition

The benefits that custom uniforms can provide your team is easily summarized in one phrase: “look good, feel good”.

The confidence that comes from taking the field in your custom jersey is almost palpable. Wearing your team colors and your team logo provides the motivation to push your limits to the max; a feeling which your opponents will immediately pick up on.

A great way to frame the mindset around team uniforms is to equate game day to a business trip. You want to project confidence, demonstrate your competence, and prove to others that you can get the job done. No one is showing up to an interview or work meeting wearing a t-shirt and jeans. You arrive dressed in your best suit, so everyone knows you mean business.

Custom jerseys allow your team to do the same thing.

3. Custom Jerseys Inspire Your Entire Program

Whether you are Mom, Dad, Friends or Family, watching your team take the field in their matching custom jerseys is exciting, and is a sure-fired way to get everyone in the stands cheering!

Just like how matching custom jerseys can bring a sense of connection between players, that feeling can also be extended to those on the sidelines. Especially if those on the sidelines are matching the team in their own custom fan gear!

Custom jerseys and uniforms represent more than just the players; they represent all the time, love, and support given by those who believe in the team, and who have helped prepare the team for game day. Everyone on the sidelines has put pieces of themselves into those players; driving them to and from practice, encouraging and supporting their dreams, etc.

They want to see their team succeed just as badly as the players themselves do. Therefore, if you want to get the crowd roaring and the stands shaking, having your team take the field in their custom gear is a sure-fire way to do so!

Custom Jerseys Make All the Difference!

How gearUP Can Help Create Custom Jerseys

gearUP is a leading provider of custom team jerseys and custom fan gear. We source only the best quality, high performance apparel so your team looks the part come gameday, and so they can always play at their best. Our team is skilled in helping to create custom jerseys to your program’s exact specifications, creating a look that’s right for you.

We also build a custom webstore for your program, so parents can go on and purchase uniforms themselves. We then ship those custom uniforms direct to player to eliminate the logistical headache of uniform coordination. If you are ready to outfit your team with the best quality custom jerseys available, then click here to get started!

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