If you are new to coaching the sports of baseball or softball, you have come to the right place. Or, if perhaps you are well seasoned coach looking to step-up their game, we feel this information can be applicable to you as well.

We have found and compiled 20 resources sharing coaching tips and training advice, all to act as a launching point to broaden your knowledge and understanding of the game.

Both Baseball and Softball require a deep understanding of their sport to play effectively. This is where a coach’s job becomes vital to the success of their athletes; as the leader for your team, you are tasked with transferring this information to everyone on your roster, which means you yourself need to become an expert. Read through the following resources, and use this as your start on a deeper dive to truly understand the game and become the best coach you can be.

Teaching the Fundamentals of Baseball

1. Baseball for Beginners

2. Basic Rules of Baseball

3. Baseball Rules for Beginners Easy Explanation – Video

4. The Ultimate Baseball Drills Collection

5. 10 Essential Tips to Coaching Youth Baseball

Baseball Coaching Tips and Resources

1. Baseball Coaches’ Toolbox – Drills and Practices

2. Baseball Drills for a Competitive Practice

3. Practice Fielding Grounds Balls Little League – Video

4. Little League University Home Page

5. Baseball Coaching Strategies

Teaching the Fundamentals of Softball

1. Basic Rules of Softball

2. Essential Rules for Beginners

3. How to Play Softball – Video

4. Beginners Guide to Softball – Video

5. Softball Tips for Beginners

Softball Coaching Tips and Resources

1. Softball Drills for Infielders – Video

2. Softball Coaching Tips

3. Dominating the Short Game

4. Offensive Strategies by USA Softball

5. Softball Coaching Archives

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